Unveiling the Highlights: A Transformative 3-Day Workshop in Adamawa State

On October 27, 2023, a remarkable online event unfolded as the “Highlight 3-Day Workshop” took center stage in Adamawa State. This engaging and enlightening workshop brought together participants from diverse backgrounds, eager to explore new horizons and gain invaluable insights.

Over the course of three days, attendees were treated to a plethora of impactful sessions, expertly designed to foster professional growth. The event was a dynamic blend of knowledge-sharing and interactive discussions.

The video highlights from the workshop showcase the fervor and enthusiasm of the participants, who actively engaged in thought-provoking conversations, innovative ideas, and hands-on activities.

Some of the Speakers include ;

🏛️Bijida Zacharia (Host)

🎙️Professor Zacharia Yaduma

🎙️Professor Akinyemi Oladapo

🎙️Dr Peter Ugege

To watch the video highlights for the 3-day workshop, simply open the Google Drive link provided in the blog post and immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge and inspiration that the event has to offer.


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