About the Executive Director

Dr Adepoju, Adeshola Olatunde, the Executive Director, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN).

Dr Adepoju, Adeshola Olatunde is the Executive Director, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN).

He obtained a PhD Degree in Agricultural Economics from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 2002. Dr. Adepoju has served the Nation and FRIN in several capacities during his career progression. Read more

Our Mandate

The Institute is mandated to conduct research on the following:
  • Conservation and improvement of genetic resources of forest trees and eco-system for economic development.
  • Improvement of silvicultural practices relating to forest trees of economic importance.
  • Mechanization and improvement of methods of cultivating, harvesting and processing of forest trees of economic importance.
  • Improvement of the utilization of forest products and wood residues.
  • Study of the ecology of pests and diseases of forest trees and their control.
  • Development of agroforestry systems for the integration of forest trees of economic importance into farming systems in different ecological zones of Nigeria.
  • Wildlife management and production.
  • The socio-economic importance of forestry in the Nigerian economy.
  • Forestry education and training.
  • Forestry extension and dissemination.
  • Sericulture.
  • Any other problem relating to forestry flora and Fauna.

Research Departments

  • Sustainable Forest Management Department
  • Forset Product Development & Utilization Department
  • Forest Conservation & Protection Department
  • Forest Economics & Extension Services Department
  • Enviromental Modelling & Biometrics
  • Department of Biosciences

Consultancy Services

  • Forest Plantation Establishment
  • Supply of Seeds and Seedlings
  • Plant Identification
  • Plant Specimen Collection
  • Landscaping
  • Saw Milling
  • Wood Seasoning (Drying)
  • Wood Preservation
  • Furniture Construction
  • Wall Paneling (Drying)
  • Cane rat Domestication

Short Courses

  • Seed Handling & Nursery Tech
  • Herbrium Techniques
  • Snail Rearing Techniques
  • Landscaping
  • Grasscutter Rearing Techniques
  • Wood Identification
  • Apicultural Techniques
  • Utilization of non-timber forest products (NTFPs)
  • Termite & Pest Control
  • Mushroom Cultivation Techniques

Support Services

  • Administration and Personnel Department
  • Finance and Supply Department
  • Information and Documentation Department

Our Vision

To ensure environmental protection, amelioration of degraded environment, conservation and utilization of our forest resources for sustainable development.

Our Mission

To ensure sustainable management of our environment and forest resources for the benefit of present and future generations through appropriate research and training.