Savanna Forest Research

Brief Information about the Outstation

Head of Station:

Savanna Forestry Research Station Samaru- Zaria was established in 1964 by the Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


1. Regeneration/afforestation and management of the semi-arid guinea savanna zone of Nigeria
2. To conduct studies on soil-plant relations and utilization of appropriate technology to improve land use
3. To conduct research in agro-forestry and large scale forestry plantation establishment
4. To provide wood and wood product needs of the people of the Savanna ecological zones in particular and the entire country in general

Sectional/Unit Mandate

Forest Economics and Extension

  • Collaboration with other department in the Station/Institute on socio-economic aspects of forestry research efforts.
  • Collaboration with individuals and organizations (private and public) on behalf of the Station/Institute in the socio-economic analyses of forestry related products.
  • Dissemination of research results to end users through on-farm demonstrations, publications, exhibitions and agricultural shows, workshops and seminars, diagnostic surveys, monthly technology review meetings and training workshops on new technologies.
  • Interacting with people (both urban and rural dwellers) on matter affecting forestry and its developments.
  • Conducting research in socio-economic matters on forestry and forestry related activities among the forestry practitioners and the public.
  • Silviculture

  • The management of natural forests through in-situ as well as ex-situ conservation.
  • Improvement of silvicultural practices relating to forest plantation development.
  • Integration of cultivation of forest trees of economic importance into farming systems in the northern guinea savanna agro-ecological zones.
  • Establishment and management of large scale industrial plantations.
  • Seedling production and distribution.
  • Forest Protection

    • To conduct research on the ecology of insect pests of forest trees of economic importance and improved methods of their control.
    • Regular surveys and collections of insects from, natural forests, plantations, nurseries and arboreta in the North West Zone

    Our Core Services

    Services That We Offer


    Seedlings of multipurpose forest products such as

  • Adansonia digitata(Baobab)
  • Khaya senegalensi(Mahogany)
  • Azadirachta indica (Neem)
  • Acacia senegal (Gum Arabic)
  • Acacia nilotica
  • Parkia biglobosa (Locust beans)
  • Moringa oleifera (Moringa)
  • Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea butter tree)
  • Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Eucalyptus)
  • Forest Protection

    • Vanna Honey
    • Moringa Leaf powder
    • Vanna Organic Shea Butter Body Cream

    Forest Economics and Extension

    • Farmers’ Guide on Moringa oleifera
    • Farmers’ Guide on Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea Butter Tree)
    • Agroforestry Farming Systems Workshop for the North West Zone
    • Symposia to celebrate the FAO International Day of Forests for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019
    • Agroforestry Training for 1,000 Village Extension Officers (Phase I&II) employed by Kano State Government.
    • Attendance and presentation of research breakthroughs at MonthlyTraining Review Meetings (MTRMs) in the North West Zone.
    • Attendance and presentation of research breakthroughs at the I.A.R/A.B.U Annual Research Review & REFILS Workshops.
    • Participation in the Committee set up by the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for the production of a “Blueprint for Achieving Food Security in Nigeria by 2050” commissioned by the National Universities Commission (N.U.C), Abuja on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
    • Regular meetings/visitation and interactions with farmers as feedback mechanism on research innovations already disseminated.
    • Handling of Students/Visitors on excursion to the Station

    Research Breakthrough

    1. Domestication of multipurpose tree species
    2. Vegetative propagation of Vitellaria paradoxa
    3. Production and packaging of Moringa Leaf powder
    4. Production and packaging of Vanna Organic Shea Butter Body Cream
    5.  Publication of Farmers’ Guide/Handbills on forest based research activities
    6.  Organization of Agroforestry Farming Systems Workshop on a sustainable basis for farmers and other stakeholders in the North West Zone.
    7.  Successful partnership with Local Government Councils in Kaduna State on Forest Plantation Establishment and Management with strong community participation.





    Savanna Forestry Research Station, P.M.B 1039, Samaru - Zaria (Opposite Institute for Agricultural Research, A.B.U – Zaria), Kaduna State