Head of Department :Mrs Okunola Bosede

In a bid to provide and improve excellent service delivery throughout the Institute and to effectively implement the reform policies of the Federal Government of the Federation. The Management created the Reform Co-ordination and Service Improvement Department in January 2021 to serve as the fulcrum to drive these initiatives.

Sections/ Units of the Department

This Department is made up of 3 Sections and a Unit namely:
i. Records Section
ii. Planning Section
iii. Servicom Section and SIWES
iv. Pension Unit

Mandates of the Department

• Serve as focal point for driving all change, reform, innovation and improvement efforts within the Institute in line with the overall framework set by the BPSR, OHCSF and other Central Agencies of Government.
• Coordinate, drive, monitor and report on the Reform Agenda for the Institute.
• Manage and drive SERVICOM aims and initiatives within the Institute.
• Troubleshoot service failure and develop proposals to address them.
• Research and identify good practices that can be adopted/ adapted to improve service delivery in the Institute.
• Develop and launch initiatives to drive and mainstream a continuous service improvement culture within the Institute.
• Develop and deploy change management tools and practices to institute sustainable improvements in the Institute.
• Assist the leadership of the Institute to articulate change agenda in line with services policies and standard.