Rain Forest Research

Brief information about the Outstation

Head of Station: Mr. Imran Gbolagade Tirmizi

The Rainforest Research Station (RFRS) is located in Ore, Ondo State. Hitherto, FRIN has maintained a field laboratory called Ore field station in this location since 1966, where artificial regeneration trials of both indigenous and exotic species were carried out; with planting stock supplied from headquarters. In August 2011, this erstwhile field station was upgraded to the status of a research station and saddled with the responsibility of investigating and finding solutions to the challenges associated with forests, forestry practice, and sustainable forestry development in the rainforest ecological zone of the country.

Our mandate

  • Plantation development and management techniques for threatened indigenous timber and other multipurpose tree species (MPTS) for sustainable wood supply and environmental management in the rainforest zone.
  • .Silvicultural requirements of selected indigenous forest fruit trees of the zone for establishment in plantations and orchards.
  • .Development of appropriate agro-forestry technologies suitable for adoption by the host communities.
  • .Promotion of community participation in forest resource management and environmental conservation through effective extension service.
  • Protection and maintenance of the institute’s Permanent Sample Plot (PSP) and Strict Nature Reserve (SNR) in Ondo State
  • Mass production of seedlings of forest and other multipurpose tree species.
  • Forest ecology and wildlife Section

    It conduct research into management and sustainable production of timber and non-timber forest resources, including in-situ and ex-situ conservation and production of flora and fauna species.

    Forest economics and extension Section

    The section is responsible for carrying out research into the economics of forest production and management. The station’s research findings are also extended to the members of the public through the extension unit.

    Silviculture and tree improvement Section:

    It conduct research into the various silvi-cultural and soil mineral requirements for the production seedlings of forest and fruit tree species as well as suitable agro-forestry technologies in the zone

    Our Core Services

    Services That We Offer

    Supply of indigenous and exotic tree seedlings such as :

  • Bitter kola (Garcinia kola)
  • Teak (Tectona grandis)
  • Gmelina (Gmelina arborea)
  • Black Afara (Terminalia ivorensis)
  • Obeche (Triplochytonscleroxylon)
  • Nauclea (Nauclea didderichii)
  • Budded fruit tree seedlings e.g.

  • Citrus sinensis (Sweet orange)
  • Citrus oratifolia (Shaddock fruit)
  • Citrus lemon (Lemon fruit)
  • Margifera indica (Mango)
  • Psidium guajava (Guava)
  • Offer Training Services on:

  • Snail and grasscutter farming
  • Apiculture (Bee beeping)
  • Landscaping and environmental beutification services
  • Budding and grafting of fruit trees

  •   Identification of appropriate seed size for the production of Bitter kola (Garcina Kola) seedlings
  • Identification of appropriate grafting techniques for the production of improved seedlings of mango fruit

    Mr. Imran, Gbolagade Tirmizi is a Principal Research Fellow. He holds a bachelor and master degrees in forestry and wildlife management respectively. He is currently running a doctorate degree programme at the University of Ibadan on a research topic titled ‘’Wild animal hunting and consumption rates in selected communities around Old Oyo National Park (OONP) Oyo State, Nigeria’’. He is a member of the Forestry Association of Nigeria (FAN), Wildlife Society of Nigeria (WISON) and International Society of Tropical Forester (ISTF). He had been involved in the training and empowerment programmes of members communities around protected areas on sustainable homestead snail and grasscutter production.






    Ore, Nigeria