Patent&Enterprise Development

About us

Coordinator: Dr Olubunmi P. ADEJOH

Patency and Enterprise Incubation Centre (P&EIC) of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) was established on October 18th, 2016. The centre is to ensure that scientific inventions and traditional knowledge are patented for sustainable forest product and industrial development; this is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and mandates of the Institute,
Motto: Promoting forest Products
To be a centre of excellence in forest products research for improving livelihood
To promote forest product through innovations, knowledge transfer, develop entrepreneurial skills in forestry and environment.
Our Mandate
1. To coordinate, supervise and evaluate forestry research and development activities, supported by professional human resources in the Institute, colleges and outstations
2. To promote forestry technology, innovations, through knowledge transfer, develop entrepreneurial skills in forestry and environment
3. Laboratory testing of raw, intermediate and final research products
4. To ensure strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
5. To provide technology that support sustainable and optimal use of forest resources for the welfare of the people
6. To disseminate forestry science and technology for the improvement of value added and competitiveness of forest products.
7. Forest products development, incubation and linkage to industry/Small and Medium Enterprises
8. To promote forest product R&D strategy, more towards research for development [R for D]; and development and diversification D[&D] with emphasis on value addition
9. To exhibit research products at different Scientific Meetings


Group A: Honey Production

Group B: Moringa, Tumeric and Jatropha Soap, Moringa shampoo,

Group C: Moringa leaf, Tumeric, Garcinia kola and Adansonia digitata powder

Group D: Bread production (fortified with walnut)

Group E: Coconut, Tumeric and Lemon Oil production

Group F: Parkia biglobosa seed fermentation (Iru production)

Group G: Mushroom production

Group H: Briquette Production

Group I: Moringa tea and Berry tea

Group J: Herbal Mixtures: BP care, Grape O

Group K: Herbal water and Drink Production