Delivery and Training

Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria

Delivery and Training

The Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) contributes to the delivery and training in the field of forestry in several ways:

  1. Research: FRIN conducts research in various fields of forestry such as forest hydrology, soil science, entomology, pathology, economics, and policy. The research findings are used to improve the management and conservation of Nigeria’s forests.

  2. Technology Transfer: FRIN is responsible for the transfer of research findings and technologies to relevant stakeholders such as forest managers, policy makers, and local communities. This is achieved through publications, workshops, and training programs.

  3. Training: FRIN provides training for various groups of people, including forest managers, researchers, students, and local communities. The training programs are designed to improve the technical and professional skills of participants in the field of forestry.

  4. Extension Services: FRIN also provides extension services to farmers and other stakeholders to help them integrate forestry into their farming systems and livelihoods. This is done through demonstrations, field visits, and on-site training.

  5. Collaboration: FRIN also collaborates with other organizations, both locally and internationally, to deliver and train in the field of forestry. This includes collaboration with academic institutions, research organizations, and international organizations working in the field of forestry.

  6. Advocacy: FRIN also use their research findings to advocate for sustainable forest management and conservation policies.

In summary, the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria plays an important role in delivering and training in the field of forestry through its research, technology transfer, training, extension services, collaboration and advocacy. This can lead to better management, conservation, and utilisation of Nigeria’s forest resources and improved livelihoods for the people living in and around the forest.