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Solutions For Environmental management.

forestry is considered to be a broad, multi-disciplinary concept that encompasses social, economic and environmental aspects. Forestry is about people. Forestry includes social issues, policies and institutions, the production of goods and services and the jobs associated with them, and livelihoods and markets related to forests and trees outside forests. Forestry focuses on the forest, but it does not stop at the forest boundary; city dwellers are involved in urban forestry, and farmers are involved in agro-forestry. Forestry is inter-disciplinary; it takes into consideration the complexity of the many different forest ecosystems in the world, as well as the social and ecological complexities of the broader landscapes within which forests and trees exist.
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Who We Are

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To be the best and foremost research center of excellence with respect to knowledge-based forestry activities as measured by the acquired scientific Breakthroughs in the areas of forest resources, conservation, management and utilization; forestry manpower development and general sustainable environmental Protection.

To ensure sustainable forest resource management and production, food production/security,forest-based industrial raw material provision, utilization, Bio-diversity conservation, self-employment opportunities and poverty alleviation through scientific