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Head of Department:Dr. Akintola, Benjamin Akintunde

The Department of Information and Documentation, FRIN, Ibadan, established in 1941, is the custodian of educational and reference materials needed for effective forestry research. It provides access to the various types of information required by the Institute’s scientists, technicians and other support staff, students and the FRIN community.Every library or information organization has its own collection in-line with its mandate. Presently, the department has a total of 18,299 books, 6,758 bounded volumes of journals, 3,100 reports and 4,223 reprints. There are also other non-print information materials in its collection. The department opens to researchers and staff within hours of 8am – 4pm. The collections in the department of Information and Documentation covers the field of forestry, forest products, some aspects of agriculture, water resources management, the natural and physical sciences, climate related issues and other subjects of interest as well as a small collection of publications of historical importance. The department of Information and Documentation uses The Oxford System of Decimal Classification for Forestry and Universal Decimal Classification schemes for the cataloguing and classification of its information resources. In order to reach out to its wider audience, the department of Information and Documentation uses OPAC for online information resources, GFIS (Global Forest Information Sources), AGORA etc. Research publications and FRIN research breakthroughs are all available in the department. Some publications available for sale include: The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa, Nigerian Trees, West African Hardwood Improvement Project Research Report, Vernacular Names of Nigerian Plants-Hausa and Yoruba, FRIN Annual Report, Guide to Edible Mushroom Cultivation, A Handbook of Forest and Wood Insects of Nigeria, Preservation Treatment for Farm Building Timbers, Guide to Timber Building, Flora of West Tropical Africa, etc.

our Mandates:
  • To acquire, organize, and maintain literature, microfilms and audio-visual materials pertinent to research and training activities of the Institute.
  • To disseminate scientific and technical information to staff and trainees through various means including reference and current awareness services.
  • To publish and distribute retrospective and current bibliographies and bibliographical reviews on subjects that have high priority to FRIN research work. .
  • To provide training to both research and administrative staff in accessing scientific and other related literature. .
  • To provide special services to research workers in and outside the Institute through inter-library activities such as book lending, exchange of information, photocopying services etc.
  • To help strengthen the capacities of agricultural libraries and information centre in Nigeria and enhance the levels of professional practice of librarianship and documentation through training, organization of workshops, and conferences as well as participation in agricultural information network.
  • To evaluate from time to time, the success of the library in meeting the information needs of its users.


    Acquisition & Collection Development

    Cataloguing & Classification


    Bindery & Reprographic




    Revenue Generating

    Research Breakthrough
    1. Inter-Library Cooperation : The Library engages in inter-library lending and therefore assisted users and trainees to borrow books from other academic and research libraries
    2. Library Collections : Total number of books in the Library are now up to 18,675 in voulumes
    3. TEEAL: The TEEAL set contains full-text and searchable database of high quality research journals in agriculture and related sciences from year 1993 – 2015 which are offline
    4. Library Software – CASARD: FRIN Library has developed software for its serial publication on Newspapers titled “Current Awareness Services on Agricultural Research Development” for disseminating current daily news to FRIN community
    5. Selective Dissemination of Information: Scientists are always provided with current information in their different areas of research work. This service is a personalized service carried out on daily basis.
    6. Library Digitization & KOHA: The Digitization of the Library materials has been captured and training is currently ongoing using the KOHA software. The first stage of capturing materials has been completed while the second stage of converting the materials into electronic format has begun. Materials currently being digitized include, Books, Journals, Reports, Serial Publications, Workplans of Plantations etc.
    7. E-library: The e-Library room recently got renovated and painted with new electrical installations fitted, carrels for readers delivered. It was also equipped with thirty (30) laptops for her e-Library project for use by Researchers and other specified staff for easy to access electronic resources, browsing the internet and any other research work being supervised by the Federal Ministry of Environment,but the only Research Institute of the Ministry.