General Services


Head of Department: Mrs. Okunola Bosede Tinuola

The General Services Department is responsible for institutionalizing a maintenance culture in the Institute on a sustainable basis. It is headed by Mrs. Okunola Bosede Tinuola, a Director. The purpose of the Department is to coordinate the management and maintenance of all assets of the Institute.

i. Transport Administration
ii. Stores Management
iii. Facility Management and Maintenance Services
iv. Security Services

Transport Division.

  • The responsibility of the transport section is to facilitate the movement of staff and services regarding the operation of the Institute.
  • Take charge of all the vehicles in the Institute.
  • To carry out maintenance, servicing and fuelling of the Institute’s vehicles.
  • To handle registration of newly purchased vehicles and other registration matters.
  • The unit arranges and carries out repairs on vehicles.

Facility Management and Maintenance Services Unit

  • Clearing of parking lot, weeding, clearing grasses.
  • Sanitation of the environment.

Store Management Unit

  • To ensure that the goods ordered are received accordingly to specification and recorded in the stores ledger as appropriate;
  • To keep and store goods in appropriate condition in order to avoid unnecessary depreciation;
    Issue to user department with appropriate and authorized store requisition (SR);

Progression of store issues so that items of old stock are issued before new stock;