Administration and Personnel

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Head of Department: Mr Akinade G. A

The Department of Administration and Personnel Management of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria has been in existence since inception of the Institute. It is the power house and service wing of the Institute, her colleges and outstations, as no research activities can be carried out successfully without proper and effective administrative coordination. The Department receives processes, interprets and implements every governmental and institutional policy towards the Actualization of the mandate of the Institute.
  • Determining vacant positions for recruitment and suitability of employees to vacant positions. This is done in line with public service rules guiding recruitment to public offices
  • Ensure that government policies are well interpreted and implemented based on the public service rules.
  • Carry out basic administrative duties in areas of Staff welfare relating to promoting, advancement, conversion, confirmation, transfers, resignation and retirement.
  • Maintenance and up-date keeping of Staff records and discipline of any erring Staff.
  • Ensuring proper coordination of inter-Department activities towards Actualization of the Institute’s mandate.
  • The Department also serves as a link to the various Outstations and Colleges to ensure that the assigned responsibilities and set goals are achieved at stated time. Personnel distribution in the Institute, its Colleges and Outstation is also a function of the administrative Department.
  • Create, update and manage a comprehensive FRIN data bank.
  • Provide timely and adequate information on the Institute product, services and human resource for strategic planning.


    This section comprises offices of the Executive Director and the Head of Administration Department.
    Executive Director’s Office
    The highest form of authority in the Institute representing the Minister of Environment and the Governing Board, where approvals are sought, given and dispatched. The other sections and units therefore provide necessary information and support in order to make sure proper approvals or otherwise are given.
    Head of Administration Office
    The core office that handles administrative activities of the Institute, her colleges and outstations. It ensures that all directives, memo, rules and regulations, management decisions and instructions are well dispersed and adhered to accordingly.
    This section handles the purchasing and details of contracts awarded by the Institute in order to ensure that the procurement act is followed to the letter.
    The section is saddled with the responsibility of constructing, repairing, and maintenance of the Institute’s structures within and without the walls of the Institute.
    This section is mainly responsible for handling all pension matters of the Institute. It also serves as the link between the Institute, the Federal Government, Pension Managers and Pensioners in areas of pension matters. Below are the Units
    The unit is divided into Open and Confidential unit
    Open Registry
    The unit is the custodian of all files (Personal and Policy files). The unit also receives and d dispatches all correspondence within and outside the Institute.
    Confidential Registry
    This unit is also a custodian of personal and policy files. In fact, it performs the function of the Open Registry, but only this time, discretely.
    The records unit is in charge of record keeping of members of staff of the Institute and liaises to get same from the colleges through the instrument of the Nominal Roll and Record of Service. The unit is also responsible for the collation of leave timetables and ensures compliance with approved leave days as indicated by the Head of the Administ
    The media unit, which reports directly to the Executive Director on media matters, is responsible for the publicity of the Institute, her colleges and outstations. The unit currently sources for and collates information from various departments, colleges and outstations for publications of FRIN Quarterly News Bulletin and Annual Reports. What or How the public sees FRIN is the job of the Media and Publications Unit.ration Department.
    The unit ensures that Directives and Management Decisions of the Institute are within the legal framework of the country. It also handles all legal matters ranging from injunctions, land disputes and all matters either for or against the Institute.
    The store unit is responsible for the distribution of all procured materials to various departments, sections and units of the Institute with the approval of the Head of Administration Department.
    The works unit is saddled with the responsibility of the various mechanical and vehicular repairs and maintenance in the Institute ranging from vehicles to electrical works and the likes.