Human Resources

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Head of Department: Mr. Michael Olufemi Haastrup

The Human Resource Management Department is headed by Mr. Michael Olufemi Haastrup, a Director. He is responsible for the overall administration, management, supervision, coordination and control of all human resource and personnel matters in the Institute. The broad functions of the Department include:
• The design, implementation and monitoring of policy affecting personnel management in the Institute.
• Enhance capacity building and promote in-house awareness focusing on attitudinal change towards providing quality service delivery.
• General administration of the entire administrative functions of the Institute, Colleges and Research Outstations (inclusive of Resource Centers and adopted villages)
• Coordinating the formulation, execution and reviews of policies
• Secretariat to Governing Board meetings.
• Advising the Director General on the daily running of the Institute.
• Implementation of policy directives from the Director General as contained in Federal Government’s Circulars.
• Interface with staff on industrial relations matters (Union bodies)
• Maintenance and supervision of Registries (open, confidential and Records)
The Department has the following sections under its purview:
a. Appointment, Promotion and Discipline (APD);
b. Staff Orientation and Refresher Training
c. Open Registry
d. Confidential Registry
e. Staff Records
f. Pension