Head of Department:Dr. (Mrs.) R.A Baiyewu.

FRIN Consultancy Services Limited is the registered Consultancy outfit of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN). It is located at Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Jericho Hills Ibadan. Consult has contributed to the economic and environmental growth of Nigeria trough her services and activities.


FRIN Consultancy training service.

  • Establishment and maintenance of forest plantations
  • Nursery techniques.
  • Supply of quality tree seedlings
  • Improved seedling production.
  • Gully erosion stabilization
  • Grasscutter, snailery and edible mushroom farming.
  • Sand dune fixation.
  • Apiculture (honey production).
  • Shelter-belt establishment
  • Apiculture (honey production).
  • Design and establishment of herbal garden
  • Wooden gift item production.
  • Cultivation and conservation of endangered herbal plants.
  • Herbarium techniques.
  • Plant identification techniques
  • Forest plantation establishment and management techniques.
  • Establishment and maintenance of grass cutter, snailery, and mushroom farms.
  • Sericulture (silkworm rearing)
  • Sawmilling
  • Herbal garden establishment techniques.
  • Production and sale of souverniors.
  • Herbal and medicinal plant training.
  • Termite control and fumigation.
  • Experimental design in forest research.
  • Herbarium Techniques
  • Soft and hard landscaping.
  • Production and sale of locust beans seed (iru).
  • Production and sales of pure honey.
  • Wood Identification

  • Training Services (workshop, seminars, conferences, long and short course programmes). FRIN Consult has trained more than 500 students from various institutions in the country under the Students Industrial Workshop Scheme (SIWES), It has also conducted workshops and seminars on various aspects of forestry and fauna, including workshops on herbal and medicinal drugs titled "identification, usage, standardization, cultivation, and sustainable production of medicinal plants in Nigeria" which had a large attendance of participants ranging from researchers from various institutes and institutions, universities, herbal drug practitioners, herbal drug producers and National Agency for Food and Drug Control. (NAFDAC).

    A refresher course for forestry area programme officers Ogun State Ministry of Forestry, Abeokuta.
    soft and hard landscape services with different appropriate materials for people Production and sales of locust beans seed (iru)
    Plantation establishment of exotic and indigenous species for individuals and companies Production and sales of pure honey