Environmental Modelling and Management Department

Head of Department:Dr. Meduna A. J.

The department consists of three (3) sections namely;

-Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  and Remote Sensing (RS)

-Meteorology Section

-Dendrology (Growth and Yield)

The Vision, Mission and Research Mandates of the Department

Vision Statement
To be a world player in environmental modeling and management

Mission Statements

  1. Safeguarding the environment and its resources.      
  2. To conserve, manage and protect the integrity of the nation’s biodiversity.
  3. To continuously assess the quality of the nation’s environment through adequate data collection and analysis and to determine its adverse impacts on humanity.


Research Mandates of the Department

i Modeling and management of environmental resources using geo-information and other related technologies.

ii.Regular assessment and monitoring of Nigeria’s forest and environmental resources.

iii. Collection and analysis of meteorological data.

iv. Using weather data for the prediction of onset and cessation of rainy season and the occurrence of fire danger index for forest fire prediction to farmers.

v. Research into growth, yield and management of economic tree crops.

vi. Development of mathematical models for growth and yield of different forest tree species.

vii. Updating of data information on variability of growth of forest plantation.

viii.Determination of appropriate time of application of suitable silvicultural treatment e.g. thinning, pruning, etc. for enhancing the productivity of forest plantations.

ix. To monitor changes in vegetation cover.

x. Development of early warning prediction for climate change

xi. Driving conductor in getting Nigeria’s readiness for REDD as well as REDD++ and any other national and international initiatives that fall within the research mandates of the Institute.

xii. To conduct research into carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, carbon stock estimation and carbon sequestration.

xiii. Managing, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emission.

xiv. To conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).