Head of Center: Dr I.O. Lawal

The Biomedicinal Research Center of the Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria was established in July, 2015.The mandate of the Centre is mainly to ensure sustainable plant research by undergoing extensive experiment for better advancement of herbal medicine in the country and world at large

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between Research and Herbal medicine practice through conservation of medicinal plants and extensive training towards development of standardized herbal product for safe consumption and benefit of mankind.


To be the leading research centre in the advancement of herbal medicine and provision of safe remedies for the treatment and management of diverse medical conditions.


  • To carry out research on plants and their components, to understand their benefits and limitations for human usage
  • To conserve and sustain indigenous medicinal plants genetics resources.
  • To explore Nigeria Flora for bio-active compounds that can serve as drug leads.
  • To collaborate with relevant national and international organization for research and development on traditional African Medicine.



    Biomedicinal Research Center, FRIN ( signed an MOU with University of Huddersfield United Kingdom ( Outcome of the meeting held between May 25TH-28TH, 2016 led to the agreement of a mutual and beneficial understanding for research and development of herbal research and capacity building in the area of medicinal plant research in Nigeria.


    Visit of Dr Ibraheem Lawal- Head of the Biomedicinal Centre of the Forestry Research Institute Nigeria (FRIN) on May 25TH to 28TH, 2016. Wednesday 25TH May –Tour of Facilities and meeting with HoD Chemistry, Dr Ibraheem’s first formal meeting was with the Head of the Department of Chemistry (Professor Craig Rice) and with the course leader for the MSc Analytical Science suite of pathways (Dr Gareth Parkes). The meeting discussed opportunities for the training of staff in analytical techniques and covered potential for staff exchange between FRIN and Huddersfield. This meeting was followed by a tour of the School of Applied Science’s X-ray facilities including the X-ray diffraction and single crystal X-ray diffractometer instrumentation.

    X-Ray facilities

    Friday 27th May –Meeting with Staff from the Department of Pharmacy

    Prof. Rice, Dr Lawal and Prof. Laws

    The second meeting of the day was with Dr Paul Humphreys (Reader in Biological Sciences) and Head of the Microbial Disinfection centre. Discussion covered aspects of determining the antimicrobial activities of plant extracts and the capacity to automate the determination of the antimicrobial activity of large numbers of samples.

    Thursday 26TH May

    The first meeting on the second day was with the Head of the Department of Biological Sciences (Prof. Michael Ginger) and with the Director of Graduate Education (Dr Dougie Clarke). The initial discussion was focused on how to collaborate on research involving determining biological activity of plant extracts. Prof. Ginger expressed an interest in extending collaborative studies to cover antifungal and anti-protozoa activity. The talks then went on to cover issues related to postgraduate studies and options for joint supervision of research programmes between FRIN and Huddersfield.

    Meeting with Prof. Ginger, Prof. Laws and Dr Clarke:

    The next meeting was with representatives from the University of Huddersfield’s International Office (Elena Nikoulina) and the School’s Director of International Studies (Dr Paul Elliott). Dr Ibraheem was informed of the strong links between Huddersfield and with Nigeria. The meeting also covered opportunities for undergraduate top-up courses at Huddersfield.

    Meeting with Dr Elliott and Elena Nikoulina:

    In the first part of the afternoon Dr Ibraheem was invited to tour the laboratory facilities of a commercial analytical company that operates from the School of Applied Sciences: IPOS. IPOS demonstrated a range of different analytical techniques that are used to characterise unknown samples including state-of-the-art Mass Spectrometer facilities.

    Tour of the IPOS facilities:

    The second meeting in the afternoon was with the staff of the Chemical Engineering Department (Prof. Grant Campbell and Dr Chenyu Du) both academics have an interest in biomass. Lengthy discussions centred on bioremediation of oil contaminated land and opportunities for the expansion of existing research programmes to cover opportunities for working with FRIN.

    Meeting with Chemical Engineers-Prof. Campbell, Dr Lawal and Dr Chenyu Du:

    Dr Ibraheem met with the Head of the Department of Pharmacy (Prof. Barbara Conway) and researchers involved in pharmaceutical science and hydrocolloids research.A number of staff gave short presentations outlining their research interests these included: Dr Kofi Asare-Addo; Dr Olumayokun Olajide; Dr Alan Smith, Dr Gordon Morris; Dr Vasileios Kontogiorgo, Dr Elijah nep

    Discussions with Pharmacists

    The last formal event of the visit included discussions over lunch with the Dean of the School (Prof. Jane Owen-Lynch) and with the School’s Director of Research (Prof. Roger Phillips). A number of topics were covered including opportunities for collaborative research programmes related to Cancer Therapy and then the conversation moved onto discussions about applying for external funding to support research collaboration.

    Meeting with the Dean of School, Director of Research and Head of Pharmacy: